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    EEVblog 1513 – Dumpster Tossers Have No Shame!

    A surprising dumptser diving find that might prove we live in a simulation. A Sony GTK-X1BT bluetooth enabled party jukebox Hi-Fi speaker system. Forum: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/blog/eevblog-1513-dumpster-tossers-have-no-shame/ Youtube: Odysee: Podcast: Download

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    Heat Pump Hot Water System vs Gas Hot Water

    Comparing gas hot system to a heat pump hot water system before I install a Reclaim 415L heat pump hot water system at home to use my excess solar energy. Forum: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/blog/heat-pump-hot-water-system-vs-gas-hot-water/

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    EEVblog 1512 – Why Bypass Your PCB Like THIS?

    Why add bypass capacitors on a PCB like THIS? Answering a Twitter question: https://twitter.com/furan/status/1586889993234038786 https://www.vgamuseum.info/index.php/cpu/item/993-s3-supersavage-ixc-sdr Forum: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/blog/eevblog-1512-why-bypass-your-pcb-like-this/ Youtube: Odysee: Podcast: Download

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